What happens when you try to make a show from scratch, with no rulebook or script? What if you had to perform it in two completely different spaces, across the city, back to back?

The Storefront Project asks six Chicago-based directors to each choose a text—not written for theater—and devise a new project, tailor-made for MCA Chicago and Prop Thtr. Each translating the same project from the MCA’s theater and public spaces to the distinct industrial theaters and alcoves of the Prop Thtr, directors Dado Gyure, Lucky Stiff, Denise Yvette Serna, Coya Paz, Sydney Chatman, and Mikael Burke with April Cleveland demonstrate Chicago theater’s uncanny ability to pop up anywhere.


Global Hive Laboratories, Pop Magic Productions, En Las Tablas Performing Arts

An internationally devised production exploring anti-exclusionary performance development and presentation.
Through an intersectional and inclusive creative process devised by artist ensembles in four countries, Medusa will deconstruct the legacy of mythology, and our industry's historical precedent for the oppression, objectification, and exclusion of those whose identities fall outside of the majority, with specific focus on gender expression and ability.  



In its fifth year, the Rockford New Play Festival gives established and aspiring playwrights from the Rockford Area the opportunity to have their plays presented professionally to the public alongside the work of national and international playwrights. 

This year we asked playwrights to write new ten page plays inspired by the theme “Over… The Edge.” We are interested in works that explore society's artificial boundaries: the effect they have on the people of both sides— and those who risk everything to cross over.


A Doll's House

Written by Henrik Ibsen
Adapted by Sandra Delgado and Michael Halberstam
Directed by Lavina Jadhwani (Vietgone)

This focused one-act adaptation of the Henrik Ibsen classic reinvigorates the compelling story of the vibrant young Nora Helmer, deeply devoted to her husband Torvald. However, all is not as it appears: when Nora takes action to protect her husband, she unwittingly puts them both in jeopardy, testing the bonds of their marriage and forcing them to take stock of their relationship and ask themselves how well they truly know one another…


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