"Well, there's these three sisters..."

SPARK is open, and it is a lovely glimpse at some of the complex ways women move through the world. I'm proud of what we were able to create. 
If you are looking for tickets, the first ten people to use the code "SPARKDenise" online will get them for $15 dollars.


From the Windy City Times:
"The concept of women seeking their fortune in the ring or on the battlefield may baffle audiences accustomed to conventional gender roles, but Caridad Svitch is not a playwright to traffic in sexist stereotypes. However remote the experience of the Gilmords [sic] may be from our own, Denise Yvette Serna's subtle direction, a cast delivering full-bodied, delicate-subtexted performances, a minimalist stage ambience detailed down to individual birdsongs—indeed, every aspect of this 20% Theatre production—ensures our emotional investment in the realization of their goals."