Savannah Reich

Feature on Spiel Chicago: Episode 25 – DIY Theatre

Smyra Yawn (she/her) is on a mission to shine a light on the progressive and thoughtful work of women and genderqueer artists in Chicago Theatre. She brought together a really great panel of DIY Theatre Artists, that I was delighted to take part in.  Listen to the episode on Spiel Chicago. 

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"Artist as Producer: This week on Spiel Chicago, we discuss DIY Theatre!  This is a special panel episode, with guests Savannah Reich, Denise Serna, Olivia Lilley and Katherine Lamb, each bringing a unique perspective on DIY theatre, theatre institutions, sustainability and how to get started putting your own work into the world."

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Carolina Migli on Nymph of the River - My colleague Carolina Migli on her piece The Nymph of the River, which she created for Climate Change Theatre Action.

Episode 14 – Avi Roque - My colleague Avi Roque was on an episode of Spiel. I collaborated with Avi for After Orlando, a international theatre movement created by NoPassport Theatre Alliance & Press and Missing Bolts Productions in observance of Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida.

Spiel Chicago Episode 9 – Mary Shelley, Feminism and DIY Theatre - Olivia Lilley of Pop Magic Productions about DIY theatre and her play Mary Shelley Sees the Future. Olivia and I curate a salon series called HOME SET, and you can expect to see more of our collaborations in the future.