HOMESET - Let's get together

This year, I have partnered with Pop Magic Productions for HOMESET, a quarterly salon series bringing artists together to share ideas. Each HOMESET will give 3 artists space to showcase their works in progress, lesser practiced skills, and interests in a casual atmosphere.

The thought behind the series is simple - artists flourish when they are in conversation with one another, and experiencing and examining one another's work -- especially in times of social and political unrest. It propels our aesthetic and understanding farther forward, and stokes the fire of active engagement. 

In an effort to cultivate these nurturing spaces for artists, and in response to the need for more cross-exposure in the Chicago arts scene, HOME SET was put into action. In collaboration with the magnificent Olivia Lilley, I'm doing something I'm really passionate about: bringing artists together to think together and grow collectively.
Join us in reactivating our community this winter. Connect with creatives whose interests and passions can bolster your artistic practice. Support the growth of Chicago’s independent art scene.

January 6th

February 4th

Sunday March 18th
April 14th

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